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Only Curls Pineapple Protector (Tie Front) - Black Dot

Protect your curls at night with this satin headband designed to protect your ‘pineapple' (curly slang for the high ponytail style pictured). Ties with a cute bow at the front.

Why your curls will love it

- The wide satin back covers the hair, preventing frizz caused by your pillow and helps keeps your pineapple in place!

- Less moisture is absorbed by the pillow, keeping hair hydrated and healthy

- Helps keep curls intact overnight, speeding up your morning hair routine.

- Adjustable and ties with a cute bow to hold the hairband in place.

Good to know

Regular cotton pillowcases zap moisture from your hair and roughen up the cuticle. This creates dryness, frizz and disrupts the curl pattern. Satin absorbs significantly less, leaving moisture levels intact.

Material & Colour

Colour: Black Dot

Composition: 100% Polyester Satin 

This headband has been designed for use on dry hair to protect your curls and reduce frizz during the night. We do not recommend use on wet hair, as with all dark fabrics there is a small chance this could cause some slight colour transfer.

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