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Less Frizz, More Curls

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Tired of frizzy hair? Embrace your curls or waves with a simple haircare routine developed exclusively for naturally curly hair.

New to Only Curls?

Our Mini Collection contains all four of our styling products, and is the best way to try our curly method for the first time.

Shop the Mini Collection for £30

New to Only Curls?

Our Mini Collection contains all four of our styling products, and is the best way to try our curly method for the first time. It's also a perfect gift for a curly friend... 

"If there's a game-changing product for curly hair, this is it."

- The Independent

Only Curls Cleansing Co-Wash

It's here. Our ALL NEW cleansing and conditioning co-wash for dry curly hair.

A hybrid between cleanser and conditioner, our creme based co-wash uses the mildest, non-foaming cleansing ingredients, and amazing natural oils which together remove build-up and moisturise the hair.

It's new, and we absolutely love it.

Formulated for ALL curl types

Curls, coils, kinks or waves, we've got you covered. Our lightweight, yet ultra hydrating curly hair products have been formulated to suit ALL curls.


Our Story

We are a small London based company that are simply passionate about curly hair.  We understand that curly hair is fragile and needs special care. All our styling products are packed with natural nourishing ingredients that penetrate and hydrate the hair, bringing curls back to life. 

If you’ve ever tried drying your curls with a regular nozzle attachment you’ll know that the direct air blows apart all those lovely curl clumps. A diffuser disperses the air so that no direct heat or air is being applied to one concentrated area, this is kinder and more gentle on the hair and allows the curls to form.

Taking away the water weight by diffusing can result in even springier curls!

We asked curl specialist Charlotte Hay at Bella Box salon to help us demonstrate the best diffusing techniques for curly hair. 

Are you still scared of using gel on your curls? Because of the crispy, crunchy finish? Here's how to use a stronger hold gel, scrunch out the crunch (SOTC) and get soft bouncy curls with long lasting hold

If you also have faced the issue of dry brittle hair which is prone to breakage, then deep conditioning your hair might be the answer for it. A healthy head of hair requires a lot of moisture. Deep conditioning your hair aids in the replenishment of moisture lost due to normal wear and tear. Even if you don't colour or iron your hair often, it can get damaged. Deep conditioners enhance the overall look, feel, and texture of hair while also making it simpler to maintain.