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Why Co-Wash? A simple guide to co-washing and the 'No Poo' method

The Best Cleansing Co-Wash by Only Curls

Confused by co-washing? Here's a handy Q&A to answer all the questions we've received so far on the co-wash. 

What’s co-washing?

Co-washing is short for 'conditioner washing', which means ditching the shampoo and washing your hair with a conditioning based product only. You may have people refer to this as the 'Curly Girl Method' or 'No Poo Method'.

So how does a 'co-wash' product differ from a regular cleanser or conditioner?

A hybrid between cleanser and conditioner, creme based 'co-washes' contain more cleansing ingredients (surfactants) than a regular conditioner, but less surfactants than a regular shampoo/cleanser. It doesn't foam, and is more moisturising than a regular shampoo while being a little lighter in texture to a regular conditioner. The Only Curls Cleansing Co-wash uses the mildest, non-foaming cleansing ingredient, which attracts dirt and build-up which then washes off with the product.

Why co-wash?

Some curls find regular shampooing too drying. Curly hair that is thirsty for moisture will respond well to co-washing. Gentle and moisturising enough for daily use a co-wash allows you to wash your hair more regularly than with a shampoo (even sulfate-free ones which are not designed for daily use).

What are some of the key ingredients in the Only Curls Cleansing Co-Wash?

  • Aqua (Water)
  • Coco Glucoside
  • Avocado
  • Coconut Oil and Coconut Fruit Extract
  • Marula Oil 
  • Castor Oil

How do I use the Co-Wash?

Apply to wet hair and massage thoroughly into hair and scalp. Detangle curls with a wide tooth comb. Tip your hair upside down, give it a few scrunches to help the curls clump together, and then rinse.

Should I follow with a regular conditioner?

This depends on your curls and how much moisture they need, so it will take a little trial and error to find this out. Since the co-wash has many moisturising ingredients, we suggest skipping the conditioner on your first wash with the product and following with the Hydrating Curl Creme. If you find you need more moisture after trying this method, then you will need to follow it with conditioner

How often should I co-wash?

The Only Curls Cleansing Co-Wash is gentle enough for daily use. A co-wash allows you to wash your hair more regularly than with a shampoo (even sulfate-free ones which are not designed for daily use). So how often you use it is entirely down to personal preference. We love that this product gives the option of your best 'wash day' curls on a more regular basis.

I keep hearing about Clarifying Washes, what does this mean?

Since co-washes contain much moisture and only a mild cleanser, you are going to want to add in a 'clarifying wash' (basically a deeper cleanse) into your routine. For some curls this is as much as every other wash, others may be able to Co-Wash for multiple washes before feeling the need for a deeper cleanse. When your curls aren't feeling their usual bouncy self, it might be a good time for a wash with the foaming and deeper cleansing All Curl Cleanser.

Will this product benefit my scalp?

The product contain many natural and moisturising oils that will help keep dry scalps hydrated and healthy. We do recommend a regular clarifying wash (as mentioned above) to help rid the scalp of any stubborn build-up. 

What are some other benefits of this product?

- It reduces frizz

- Helps banish tangles

- It smells delicious (it has our signature fresh Only Curls fragrance)

- It's cruelty free and vegan

- Bottles are bio-plastic and fully recyclable in mainstream recycling.

Still not sure if this product is right for you?

Read our amazing reviews, or send your questions to hello@onlycurls.com and we are always happy to help! 

The best co-wash with coconut and avocado oil


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