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Just starting? Here's how to begin your curly journey...

Starting out on your curly journey can be a daunting prospect... there's so many products and techniques. We've made it really easy to try out Only Curls and have a really simple recommended routine... Watch below to find out. 

We're often asked about our starter set, so thought we'd answer in our TikTok Q&A series. Here's Zia to show you how to get started...

Question: "Do you do starter sets? I think I have curly hair, as unless I straighten it my hair is a mess"

Answer: "If you're a new customer and wondering where to start or if you're at the start your curly hair journey and don't know where to begin, the best place is with our Mini Collection. And with our Mini Collection you'll receive 4 x 100ml bottles, a shampoo, conditioner, curl cream and curl gel.

The perfect way to get started, as well as a method card which tells you exactly how to use our products and the routine to follow. Now if you already have a shampoo and conditioner that you love, you can also just go for our Styling Bundle, which includes the Hydrating Curl Cream, and the Enhancing Gel.

If you prefer a little bit more hold on your curls. You can also go for the Mega Hold Bundle, which includes Hydrating Curl Cream and the Mega Hold Gel. Or if you've already found your perfect styling products you can go for our Cleansing Bundle, which includes our All Curl Cleanser, and conditioner. We've also got a Co-Wash, and a scalp scrub, Deep Conditioner Mask and a Shampoo Bar."

Who knew incorporating a bowl in your wash day routine could help create hydrated, defined and frizz free curls?

The simplest and equally effective method is simply using a bowl of water to rinse off your conditioner. Re-dipping your hair into the bowl of conditioner and water, multiple times, helps create amazing curl clumps and forces more water into the hair for extra hydration. 

Our fabulous curl specialist Sherie put together some videos to show her favourite curly hair hacks and application techniques. In this post you'll see how to do 6 new amazing techniques to get your curls popping...

If you’ve ever tried drying your curls with a regular nozzle attachment you’ll know that the direct air blows apart all those lovely curl clumps. A diffuser disperses the air so that no direct heat or air is being applied to one concentrated area, this is kinder and more gentle on the hair and allows the curls to form.

Taking away the water weight by diffusing can result in even springier curls!

We asked curl specialist Charlotte Hay at Bella Box salon to help us demonstrate the best diffusing techniques for curly hair. 


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