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Salon Spotlight: North Coast Hair, Cornwall

Salon Spotlight: North Coast Hair, Cornwall

North Coast Hair is a curl specialist salon in North Cornwall, close to the beautiful town of Padstow. The salon is owned by Rachel and her husband, they stock the Only Curls range which they use on all their curly clients.

Being a curly girl herself, Rachel knows all too well how difficult it is to get a great haircut and find products that actually work on curls. She has undertaken specialist curl training and has decided to make it her mission to help her curly clients embrace their curls and waves.

This aligns so well with what we have always aimed to do here at Only Curls, which is to help others feel more confident and beautiful wearing their hair naturally curly. 

Rachel undertook extensive and specialist training in curl cutting. She is a fully certified Rezo stylist and is one of the first to have this training in the UK. 

The Rezo Cut 

The Rezo cut is one of the most popular haircuts to emerge in the curly world and has helped thousands of women learn to love their curls again. It’s a cut achieved via a dry cutting technique and focusses on an even curl cut as well as length retention. 

Rachel said “The creation of the Rezo cut back in 2019 completely wowed me. The Rezo cut is one of a kind and the only haircut in the world that cuts in circles with triangle sections. It creates an even haircut all round the head, it promotes body, balance and shape.”

We asked Rachel a few questions about cutting curly hair and her recommendations: 

At what point did you decide to focus on curls and why?

“The reason why I decided to focus on curls is because until recent years, curly/ wavy girls have had limited options with regards to haircuts and quality hair products.

Being a wavy / curly girl myself and having spent years hairstyling in the city, I used to blowdry and straighten my own hair as if I was trying to fix it.

When I relocated to Cornwall, blow drying and straightening my hair in the Cornish climate just resulted in end of day frizz (not a good look for a hairstylist!), so I decided to embrace my curls/ waves, and that in itself made me realise that it's not the hair that needs fixing, it’s us as stylists who need to educate and understand curls.”

How often should you cut curly hair? 

Rachel suggests the following:

  • “Guidelines for a haircut of tight textures - 8 to 12 months
  • “Looser textures and chemically treated hair - 5 to 6 months
  • “Transitioning hair - 4 months.”

What’s the furthest a client has travelled to visit you?

“The furthest a client has travelled is 65 miles.”

What common mistakes do you see people with curly hair making in their hair routine? 

“Not enough hydration and too much product (less is more).”

What made you decide to stock the Only Curls products in the salon?

“We stock Only Curls products in the salon because they take away the stress,

the products are amazing for all curl types.”

What is your favourite Only Curls product and why?

“My favourite only curls product is the Cleansing Co Wash because it gives great hydration and doesn't weigh the hair down.”

Here are some amazing transformations created by North Coast and styled with Only Curls products.

An amazing curl transformation with Only Curls

Curly Tranformations with Only Curls Styling products

Only Curls amazing curl transformation

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