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Frizz-Free Diffusing: How to Diffuse Curly and Wavy Hair

Why is a diffuser good for curly hair? 

If you’ve ever tried drying your curls with a regular nozzle attachment you’ll know that the direct air blows apart all those lovely curl clumps. A diffuser disperses the air so that no direct heat or air is being applied to one concentrated area, this is kinder and more gentle on the hair and allows the curls to form.

Taking away the water weight by diffusing can result in even springier curls!

We asked curl specialist Charlotte Hay at Bella Box salon to help us demonstrate the best diffusing techniques for curly hair. 

“Try to keep the dryer on a low-medium heat and low-medium speed throughout the drying process to avoid any heat damage.”

In this guide to diffusing, we show you how to diffuse with several different  techniques that are perfect for curls or waves:

  1. Hovering
  2. Root Lift
  3. Pixie Diffusing
  4. Stretch or Spring

Read on for the diffusing videos and how-to's...

1. Hovering

“Hover the diffuser around the head without touching the hair to start off the drying process.”


2. Root Lift

“Massage the roots with the diffuser whilst upside down to encourage your roots to lift away from the scalp and give the hair volume at the root.”


3. Pixie Diffusing

“Put a section of the hair in the diffuser bowl before you turn the dryer on. Turn the dryer off before you take the hair out. This preserves the curl pattern in the drying process."


4. Stretch or Spring

“For more bounce, dry by plopping the hair into the diffuser bowl and moving up and down towards the head - using the Mega Hold Gel is great for this technique. If instead you want to lengthen your curls, let them hang side to side and hover the diffuser - The Enhancing Curl Gel is perfect for this technique.”


If you're looking for a curly salon, and need help finding your nearest curl specialist hairdresser, check out our Salons & Stockists page


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