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How to Deep Condition Curly Hair

If you also have dry brittle hair which is prone to breakage, or curls that feel like they've lost their ooomph - then deep conditioning your hair might be the answer for it.

A healthy head of curls requires a good balance of moisture and protein. Deep conditioning your hair aids in the replenishment of moisture lost due to normal wear and tear. Even if you don't colour or straighten your hair often, environmental factors can impact the health of the hair.

Deep conditioners enhance the overall look, feel, and texture of hair while also making it easier to maintain.

Deep Conditioning Hair Mask on pink background

Benefits of Deep Conditioning

Defined Curls

Moisture and protein both play a vital role for defined curls depending on the porosity of your hair. A good deep conditioner will not only add back the moisture to your hair but also strengthen the hair with some added protein, helping your curls bounce back into shape.

Less Frizz

A deep conditioner does to hair what a face mask does for skin. It's a more intense treatment for the hair. If you're using your everyday conditioner and still have frizz, it might be time for a deep conditioning treatment. 

Prevents Damage

Taking the time to deep condition, gives your hair a chance to absorb all the moisture and nutrients deep into the hair shaft. This helps prevent breakage and split ends, and helps maintain overall hair health.

Promotes Elasticity

Dry brittle hair is prone to breakage. Nourishing and strengthening your hair with a deep conditioning treatment will help avoid this.

Increases Shine

A deep conditioner will smooth the hair shaft which will promote shine and lustre. 

How often to Deep Condition your Hair?

It is generally advised to deep condition your hair once a week. The frequency depends on your hair type. The curlier and coarser your hair is, the more often you should deep condition it. The frequency of deep conditioning will also increase if your hair is severely damaged.

The indication for deep conditioning your hair is when you can feel it is frizzier and no amount of conditioner is helping in retaining back the moisture. However, if your curls are stretched or weighed down, you may want to reduce the frequency of deep conditioning as this could indicate your curls are over moisturised.


Step by Step guide to apply Deep Conditioner

Step 1:

It is recommended to wash your hair with a good shampoo before you deep condition your hair to remove any build up so that the moisture can penetrate in the hair cuticles. You can use the deep conditioner right after shampooing your hair and forego the normal conditioner. Detangling your hair using a comb at this stage will help the product spread evenly throughout your hair while also detangling any knots.

Afro wide tooth comb for curly hair

Step 2:

If you're in a rush, you can keep the deep conditioner in the shower for 5 minutes; otherwise, apply it for 20 minutes, and relax while it works its magic (note that it's not a good idea to leave the conditioner on your hair overnight because this could over moisturise your hair).

Step 3:

Plop your hair up in a shower cap or microfibre towel to allow the heat to be trapped in, which will assist in opening the hair cuticles and improving the absorption of deep conditioner. Additionally, you can warm your covered head with a blow dryer set to medium heat.

Deep conditioning with a shower cap

Step 4:

Rinse your hair after 20 mins completely and apply your usual styling products.


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