How to prepare for a curly haircut

Preparing your hair for a curly hair cut is probably something that most curlies don’t think about when making their appointment with a salon, but taking a little time to prep before your appointment can really make a difference to your results.

Arriving at your appointment with your curls in their most natural state will allow your stylist to clearly see how your hair falls, and how much spring is in your curls. This will help them make the best decision on how to perform the cut and how much length to take off. 

Curl Specialist Kim at Creative Hair Studio, Worcestershire shared with us her 6 steps of how to arrive at the salon.

“Before redefining your amazing curls, we firstly carry out a consultation with you. This part of your service is so we can understand what your current curl routine is, if it’s working for you, how to change your routine or products if required and obtain optimal results.”

During an initial consultation with your hairdresser it’s important to follow the below steps to ensure your stylist knows what they are working with:

“Ensure your hair is tangle free!”

We would suggest arriving with washday or day 2 curls. This way they’ll still be plenty of spring in your curl for the stylist to understand your curl pattern and they won’t be all tangled. If the stylist is to perform a dry cut, tangled curls would make the process difficult.

“Ensure your hair is thoroughly dry!”

Lots of curl specialist hairdressers will cut your hair dry. So arriving with your curls thoroughly dry will allow them to see your curl pattern better, and enable them to start cutting without having the diffuse first.

“Don’t arrive with your lovely curls in a ponytail, bun, twist, or any style that stretches or changes your hair's natural curl pattern.”

Your curls need to be in their natural state without any manipulation, again so your stylist can truly understand your curl pattern. The better your stylist understands your natural hair and how you want to wear it, the better results you will get.

“Refrain from using a brush, pick, or comb once your hair is dry and in its natural state.”

We all know brushing your curly hair once dry will break up the curls. The stylist will need to see how your curls clump together, and if they perform a curl by curl dry cut they will cut each curl clump individually.

“Refrain from using any styling products that are excessively sticky, greasy, or oily.”

These products can weigh your curls down and block out moisture. Use something lightweight like Only Curls so your hair is in a lovely and natural state ready for the cut!

“Open your mind to love your hair in its natural glory!”

The stylist will also be cutting your hair in a way that will maximize your curls, so it may be a little different to cuts you’ve had before. Be ready to GET CURLY and enjoy the experience. 

“REMEMBER: If you're going to wear your hair curly, it must be cut in the way you wear it for optimal results.”

We understand that not everyone will have the opportunity to visit a curl specialist hairdresser. Following the above tips when visiting any hairdresser will help you get a better cut as they really give the hairdresser an opportunity to understand your curls before cutting them. If the hairdresser decides to cut your curls wet, we’d recommend asking that they diffuse dry your hair after the cut so you can review the shape before you leave in the way that you plan on wearing it. If any strands are looking out of place your stylist should be able to dry cut to finish off the shaping.

Here’s some great examples of curls perfectly prepped for their cut!

If you're looking for a curly hairdresser - a great place to start is our Salon / Stockist page. We have an interactive map that shows salons that stock Only curls here.

These are the amazing results following their curly cut at  Creative Hair Studio, Worcestershire:

"I don’t have time to wash my hair" is something we have all said at some point as a curly person!

Don’t worry we have the perfect refresh routine from one of our lovely salon stockists Sarah Blew Belle, Cornwall to get your curls looking curlicious with our Mega Hold Gel and water in 4 easy steps...

Starting out on your curly journey can be a daunting prospect... there's so many products and techniques. We've made it really easy to try out Only Curls and have a really simple recommended routine... Watch our video to find out. 

How do hormones affect curly hair? We get asked this question a lot, so thought we'd answer in our TikTok video Q&A series.

"Yes, hormones massively affect your hair. So puberty, having a baby, menopause, all three of those things can really change your hair. I'm dealing with much more wavy hair these days after having a baby 18 months ago. So I think I'm a good person to answer your questions because I can give you some good wavy hair tips."


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