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Since the Denman Brush was an essential tool in our curly kit, we’ve collaborated to bring you this limited edition Denman D3 brush in Only Curls colours.  

We’ve been recommending the Denman D3 brush to our curly customers for years. We thought it was about time that we added one into our Only Curls range.

Why do we love the D3 brush?

- It’s brilliant for detangling curly hair.

- It helps distribute your Only Curls products more evenly.

- Creates a tension (like scissors on a ribbon) to create the perfect curl pattern.

- Works on wet hair.

- It’s easy to clean.

How to brush style curly and wavy hair

You can use a brush to create extra curl definition.This curly hair hack helps encourage the natural curl pattern into more defined curls. It's a great technique for all, but particularly good for those whose curls or waves need a little extra help clumping into ringlets.

- Spritz down the hair using the Only Curls Misting Bottle

- Scrunch in a little Hydrating Curl Creme

- Pop the clump of hair into the brushing section and slowing twist it around onto the handle

- As you twist and pull the brush down, ensure there is some tension applied

- Work your way back up the handle to curl the hair, then pinch the top and unravel the curl

- Smooth over the Mega Hold Curl Gel to hold the curl in place

- Work around your head in sections and then diffuse dry to finish.

Only Curls x Denman D3 Original Styler 7 Row

Hair growth is a very popular topic, and can be a cause of concern for people who experience significant hair loss. Is there anything you can do to boost hair growth? 

Do you wake up in the morning after perfecting your wash day curls with a limp, frizzy mop atop your head? Are you looking for a way to extend those luscious curls an extra day or two in your hair wash routine? Do you find your hair often feels quite dry and experiences a lot of breakage? 

For those of us with curly hair, there can be an ongoing battle between protein and moisture. Usually, we go for the more moisturising products, but could we be missing something? Do you feel like your curls don’t last past wash day? Does your hair feel soft and lacking in definition? Protein could be the answer! 


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