5 simple ways to use the Only Curls Hair Oil

Curly hair loves moisture, so we created this multipurpose, lightweight Hair Oil for all your curly needs.

From scalp massages to sealing in curl definition on wash days, we have you covered!

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Tip 1: Pre-Wash Treatment

Massage generously into the scalp (super relaxing too!), then distribute and apply throughout the lengths and ends of your hair. This will help if you have a dryer scalp, but also protect your hair before cleansing by locking in some extra moisture. 

Then Cleanse & Condition as usual with the All Curl Cleanser and All Curl Conditioner (or the Fragrance-Free range if you prefer more gentle cleansing products). 

Tip 2: Mix the oil into your Hydrating Curl Creme

For dryer and/or coarser hair types, you can mix in a little bit of the oil into your Curl Creme to help seal in that hydration into your curls. 

Then scrunch in your Enhancing Curl Gel or Mega Hold Curl Gel as usual, and diffuse or air dry.

Tip 3: Scrunch out the Crunch

The oil is so lightweight, it’s perfect for scrunching out the crunch on your final curls. This is the final step in your wash day routine to lock in the lovely hydration and definition.

Tip 4: Scalp massages

The Nourishing Hair Oil can also be used as part of your nightly routine.

Spray a small amount onto your palms and massage into your scalp.

This helps dryer scalps and also stimulates and encourages hair growth for healthy, happy curls!

Tip 5: Refresh with the Oil

Spray a few pumps into your hand and distribute through your next day hair.

It’s amazing for getting the definition back into the curls between wash days.

You can also finger coil individual sections as well as tucking the top frizzier sections in for added volume and minimising frizz.

Available in a glass, eco-friendly bottle, a little goes a long way (I’ve had mine for a year now and still have half a bottle left!)

Only Curls products work perfectly on permed curls. We get lots of questions about perms. Our gorgeous curl-friend Alina recently took the plunge and we got to ask her all about it. The results are amazing.
It’s that time of the year again, when the sun is hot and our curls are bang on trend! Curls are made for summer, especially when we don’t have the wind and rain to worry about. But if you prefer your curls up and out of the way on those hot summer days, then accessories and updos are your best friend.
Dreaming of embracing your natural curls for your wedding day? We’ve got you covered! Many of us with naturally curly hair grew up thinking it was “messy” or uncontrollable. We all have the memory of a hairbrush getting stuck in our tangles when trying to tame our curls into something more “presentable.” But those days are long gone! Curly hair is making a comeback and being embraced by people, young and old.


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