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Why should you use a Sleep Turban?

Why you should be using the Satin Sleep Turban?

Fed up of fabulous wash day results which are followed by not so great second day curls? A silky satin sleep bonnet might be your answer...

Regular cotton pillowcases zap moisture from your hair and roughen up the cuticle. This creates dryness, frizz, split ends and disrupts the curl pattern.

Smooth silky satin fabric absorbs significantly less, leaving moisture levels intact, and the smooth surface results in less friction. Sleeping in a satin bonnet will help retain moisture in the hair and will help to keep your curls intact. This means longer lasting, well conditioned curls, and a faster morning routine.  

Why the Only Curls Hair Turban?

- Our Only Curls Sleep Turban is soft, comfy and made from lightweight satin fabric

- The turban style, with the bow front = more sophisticated styling

- Fully lined so that your curls only touch the smoothest side of the fabric

- Elasticated with a soft comfy elastic, which holds the turban in place all night.

- There’s plenty of room inside the bonnet for ALL curl types.

How to care for your Sleep Turban

It's good to keep your turban fresh and clean. We recommend hand washing with a little detergent, in cool water, and then hang it up to dry. Don't tumble dry it 😊

Our sleep bonnet is designed so that the bow can be untied for easy cleaning, and so that your bow can be tied how you like it.

The gorgeous @honestlizhere created a little video to show you how to tie it back together.

OK we get it, Sleep turbans don't always look sexy (although we think ours is pretty cute - and comes in some lovely colours), but if you want your next day curls to pop then it's worth it. 

There's lots of reviews here if you would like to read what our customers have said about this item 

As always, if you have any questions or just need some curly advice, we'd love to hear from you...