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Curl Stories: Curls in the Office

We received an overwhelming about of feedback on our curls in the workplace topic recently. We wanted to share some stories to inspire.

Curl Story by June.

"The first time I received a negative comment about my hair was at an interview for an office job. The director of the company asked me if I intended on keeping my hair curly if I was to be offered the job. He said my hair was a little ‘wild’ and might scare the clients. I told the director that I would most certainly be keeping my curls and that straightening it for the job would not be an option. I was so hurt that my hair was the director’s main concern rather than my capabilities as a potential employee."

Above: June, pictured back when she would straighten her hair for work.

Below: June, pictures showing the damage that can be caused by over heat styling curls. Her hair was breaking and the curl pattern and thickness reduced.

"I think it’s important to remember that people who make negative comments tend to be narrow minded people. They’re probably basing their opinion on what they’ve seen before in the media. I don’t want to be associated with people that are prejudiced. If that’s their opinion on your hair, you can imagine their other ‘opinions’. I love my curls so much and I would never compromise myself for anyone! As I’ve grown up I’ve realised how beautiful it is to have curls and ringlets! It’s part of who I am and I love that it’s what makes me unique!"

Above: June, a professional headshot with her gorgeous curls.

"My curly routine starts with spraying my hair with water until it’s damp. Then I apply a curl creme, followed by a gel. My hair dries throughout the course of the day."

Above: June, pictured in a lovely up-do style for second day curls.

Only Curls Comment:The reaction June received to her curls in her interview seems to be a common theme to what many of our customers and followers have also experienced. While heat styling occasionally is fine, repeated straightening day after day, can damage curls, as you can see in June's picture above. We love that June went on to ignore this feedback, and embrace her gorgeous curls. Worn both down and up, her curls look neat, smart and completely professional. 

Thank you to June for sharing her story. Do follow her on Instagram here 

Do you have a curl story to share?  We'd love to hear from you. 

The Only Curls Team x



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