Curly Hair is Professional

To those returning to the office, we just wanted to send a reminder that curly hair IS professional. We know many of you embraced your curls over lockdown, so we just wanted to encourage you to wear those curls back into your workplace with pride.

We had a customer email us a while back, telling us that she’d been told in an interview that she’d need to "sort her hair out' ie straighten her hair for the role. THIS IS NOT OK! Needless to say, she did not take the job. 

There were both some lovely stories, and some sad stories on our recent Instagram post below. 


Not ok:



Yasss, we LOVE this: 

Curly hair is not unkept, n'or scruffy or unruly.  Curls can be sleek and sophisticated too. It can take a little planning (ie: timing your wash day with that important interview or meeting), and devising a perfect routine. 

If you still feel uncomfortable wearing your hair down for work, or need to tie your hair back for the job, do check out our updo inspiration here  

If you still feel like you need a little support with your curls, please do check out our curly method for a hassle free routine, or contact us and take advantage of our unlimited curl care advice! 



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