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Learning To Love My Curls by Loretta Davis

Guest blogger, the gorgeous @letts_curl shares her Curly Hair Journey and how she's learned to love her curls!


Since my early teens I had a love-hate relationship with my hair. The problem for me was all about finding the right hair gel as it was the only product I felt comfortable using when it came to styling! Although there were actually a number of products that were probably much better suited for my hair at the time, regular everyday hair gel was my safety net and there was nothing that could pull me away from it.

I suffered with very dry and broken hair as a result from using the cheapest and thickest gels on a daily basis (the firmer the hold, the better!) as well as pulling my hair back very tight when styling. All this was down to me not loving my hair or even thinking about the care it really needed. I just wanted a neat looking sleek style that would hold my hair back away from my face and all in one place (which for me felt more socially acceptable too). I hardly ever wore it out as I thought it was far too big and frizzy to be shown in public or at school. I would also straighten it as often as I could as I thought that straight silky hair looked far better than frizzy dry curly hair.

Fast forward to 2017 and I am in a completely different place with more importantly different/better products! I now embrace and love my natural hair, wear it out when possible, and even embrace my frizz! Of course I have odd days where I feel it isn’t sitting right or looking as good as the previous day, but that’s one of the unique qualities of curly hair! Sometimes it goes, and sometimes it doesn’t! : )

Seeing so many others embracing their natural hair has been a big help for me over the years, but the biggest inspiration was myself. Learning to accept the hair I had been given and falling in love with it was such an accomplishment for me because I felt that the hate I had for it at times would always outweigh the love. No matter how many people told me how great my hair was, it made no difference to how I felt. The moment I changed, everything changed!!

by Loretta Davis @letts_curl

Be sure to follow Loretta on Instagram for more curly hair advice and inspiration!

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