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Essential Curly Girl Items...

Guest Curly Contributor @thecleancurl has put together a fantastic write up and video detailing her curly girl essentials.

Here are her top 5 Curly tools and some fantastic tips for using our Only Curls Microfibre Towel:

I wanted to compile a quick list of essential items that has helped me in my curly hair journey! Some of these will probably be things you may already have or heard of. All of these have been essential in helping me maintain great curls at various lengths. 

First is a wide tooth comb. I know, I know, the first rule of curly hair is stop combing your hair. Well not all rules apply to everyone so you have to do what works for you. Since I have had some access shedding as of late, detangling with my fingers just hasn’t cut it. I always make sure my hair is soaking wet and that I have an ample amount of conditioner. I also always start from the tip, not the roots. This way I avoid yanking and pulling out hairs prematurely.

Second is a hair clips. I discussed why and how I use these a couple posts ago. This has been crucial in maintaining volume at my roots as my hair lacks the most volume there. I found some nice metal ones at Marshalls but I have seen them at many beauty supply store or aisle.

Next on the list is a spray bottle. This is number one when it comes to helping me achieve and maintain second and third day hair. I simply spritz water in the morning after I take my hair down from a pineapple. I know many other curly girls who come up with their own concoction that could include essential oils, leave in conditioners, or diluted products. For those girls water doesn’t seem to be enough. I may reapply product after a good water spritz but so far water has been all I need in my trusty spray bottle. To save some money you could use an old spray bottle from a previous product. Just make sure it is properly cleaned out.

Fourth is a satin scarf. This could also be a satin cap or a satin pillow case. This is essential in protecting out curls from damage as we sleep. I mostly use this when i have shorter hair and all my hair doesn’t fit properly into a high ponytail (pineapple). This has helped me retain length in that it has kept my shorter layers safe and tucked away for the night. I do not use this as much now that my hair is longer. I am looking to get a cut soon so I will be using this regularly again for sure.

My next item is an obvious one, a diffuser. Air drying is a great option for drying if you don’t have a diffuser but I love volume. Diffusing also helps me get a great curl pattern with my longer hair. If I air dry I turn out with looser curls or waves. For a long time I used the diffuser that came with my hair dryer as I only recently upgraded the attachment to something more efficient. I even “diffuse” my hair in the car by blasting all the vents in my direction when I am pressed for time. 

Last and most certainly not least is a micro fibre towel. This is I think this the number one change to make and the most surprising to hear for most curly girls. Regular terrycloth towels have very large fibres that is rough on our hair. It attributes to a lot of frizz. Our hair is most susceptible to that when it is wet from a warm shower and the hair cuticle is open. This one change can be a real game changer.  Drying our hair by scrunching it with a micro fibre towel or plopping it, as mentioned in another recent post, can really help calm frizz.

The cheapest option would be to use an old t-shirt. You most likely have on lying around the house. The only issue with this is all the extra fabric when trying to tie our hair up. I recently picked up this Only Curlstowel and I have been reaching for it more and more as I have been plopping my hair at night and sleeping in it. This towel is a good length that offers extra fabric where it should, to help tie it up, and not where it shouldn’t, making it easy to sleep in.

What is on your curly essentials list? Any you absolutely cannot go without?

She's also created a fabulous videooutlining her essential items for frizz free curls.

We love it! Follow her on instagram @thecleancurl, watch her YouTube channel, and check out her fabulous curly blog here

For more curly hair ideas and tricks see our top 5 tips for Frizz Free Curls!


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