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After receiving thousands of requests for products developed specifically for kids, we decided that it was a much needed addition to our Only Curls range. With many curls (and children) between us at Only Curls HQ, we understand the tangles and the tantrums and have spent the past 2 years devising a simple routine for Little Curls.

We want kids to LOVE their curls.

Here's everything you need to know about our newest collection...

The range is:

-Suitable from 6 month+

-Mild and Gentle

-Dermatologically tested

-98% naturally derived

-Scented with a 99% natural and allergen free fragrance

We've chosen ingredients including Aloe Vera, Mallow, Coconut and Avocado to leave curls moisturised, clean, shiny and healthy.

The Little Curls Method

Step 1

Apply the Super Shampoo to wet hair and gently massage into a lather. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 2

Apply the Detangling Conditioner to cleansed, wet hair and gently rake through with your fingers to start the detangling process. Rinse.

Step 3

Spritz the Magic Detangling Spray onto hair and gently detangle with fingers, a brush or a comb. Once detangled, lightly spritz again and scrunch curls into shape. Use a microfibre towel to scrunch dry and speed up the drying process.

Step 4

Apply a small amount of the Leave-In Styler into the palm of your hand, spread between both hands and then scrunch into wet or damp curls. Air-dry (or gently diffuse) to finish.

Our Top Tips

Curls can take a long time to dry. Remove excess water and speed up drying time by scrunch drying with a microfibre towel. Do this after applying the Magic Detangling Spray and before you scrunch in the Leave-In Styler.

Curls can get tangled. When you are conditioning, start the detangling process and break up any big tangles gently with your fingers.

After rinsing out the conditioner, pop a towel over their shoulders, spritz with the Magic Detangling Spray and comb through gently using a wide tooth comb. Start with the ends first and work upwards.

Don't dry brush curls. This will break up all the curls and cause frizz. Instead, between washes spritz lightly with the Magic Detangling Spray and use your hands to detangle, scrunch and twist the curls back into shape.

Little Curls Starter Pack

Everything you need, a set of Little Curls products in full size 200ml bottles. No more tangles and tantrums, with this simple haircare routine created exclusively for curly kids.


What age are the products suitable for?

They are safe from 3 months plus, but we recommend the range for children aged over 6 months as the products and routine is more suitable for this age group.

How are they different to the Only Curls products?

We have aimed to simplify the routine for the routine for children, so the step by step method is different to Only Curls. The products themselves are different formulas and feel lighter on the hair with less hold, our aim for Little Curls was to create hydrated and natural looking curls. 

They have a higher percentage of naturally derived ingredients (Little Curls is 98% naturally derived), we have removed nut oils* from the Little Curls products. We chose to include fragrance in the kids range as children loved it. It is a fresh, fruity fragrance that is 99% naturally derived and allergen free.

*note that the products do contain coconut, which although classed as a fruit in the UK,  it is classed as a tree nut in the US. So if you have any concern about coconut  we recommend that you speak with your GP before using the products.

Do you do sample size?

For the launch we only have 200ml size available (full size bottles). We will aim to create 100ml travel size bottles for our second batch.

Is the fragrance natural?

The fragrance we use is 99% naturally derived and allergen free. It smells fresh and fruit and kids love it!

Are they suitable for sensitive skin / scalps?

All our Little Curls products have been dermatologically tested and gentle, so they are suitable for sensitive scalps. However as a precautionary measure we would always recommend a patch test before using on children. Please also check our full ingredients list if your child has allergies.

Are they suitable for vegans?

The products are 100% vegan.

Are they tested on animals?

We do not test our products or any ingredients on animals.

Do I need to patch test?

All Little Curls products are formulated to be gentle. However as a precaution, we always recommend for a patch test to be carried out at last 24 hours prior to the first use of the products, especially on sensitive skin.

What are the ingredients?

You can view ALL the ingredients hereand they are listed on the bottles.

Do they contains parabens, SLS or phthalates?

No they do not include any of these ingredients.

Curls are beautifully unique and they need to be treated differently to straight hair. Traditional salons may not have been specifically trained in how to cut curls and a haircut can make or break your curls. A Curl Specialist Hairdresser has been trained to take care of your gorgeous curls to ensure you get the best results! 

Purple shampoo and conditioners are designed to counteract unwanted tones in blonde and silver hair. Other purple shampoos and conditioners on the market have not been developed for the specific needs of curly hair. We’ve created a product that not only works to maintain your colour, it also includes both moisture and protein to keep your curls hydrated and healthy.

Do you struggle with frizz, dryness, or undefined curls or waves? If so, you're not alone. Many people with curly hair face these challenges on a daily basis, leading to frustration and a never-ending search for the perfect solution. The Curly Girl Method is something many turn to when they begin their curly journey. 


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