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Combining Protein and Moisture for Healthier Hair

For those of us with curly hair, there can be an ongoing battle between protein and moisture. Usually, we go for the more moisturising products, but could we be missing something? Do you feel like your curls don’t last past wash day? Does your hair feel soft and lacking in definition? Protein could be the answer!

How do you know if you need protein?

Protein adds strength to our hair. One of the biggest indicators your hair is lacking protein is if your hair feels soft and over-moisturised. Another sign could be if your hair looks stringy when wet and it’s not clumping together. Does your hair quickly lose definition and doesn’t spring back into its curl shape? Try adding some protein to help with this.

Dying your hair or regularly using heat tools can cause the hair to become more porous. This means it may be even more susceptible to damage than natural hair. Adding protein to your routine will help strengthen them and keep the strands healthy and strong

Should I use just protein-based products?

There is such a thing as too much protein. It’s all about getting the amount just right. It’s not so much protein versus moisture in this battle, but rather protein and moisture working together to create strong, defined curls that last. If your hair feels dry or rough, or has more knots and tangles, then reduce your use of protein and focus more on moisture. 

Some hair types are better suited to protein than others. Coarser hair types tend to need less protein, and those with low porosity hair can be sensitive to it. The key here is to focus on moisture. Those with softer curl patterns can benefit from more protein as it helps to strengthen your curls and create long-lasting definition. You’ll know when your hair has the perfect combination of moisture and protein as your results will be shiny, bouncy curls with very little frizz. The hair strand will be able to be stretched without your curls dropping out - they’ll spring back into place. In short, perfect curls!

Which Only Curls products contain protein?

The majority of our products are moisture-based to give the best hydrated and frizz-free results. The Enhancing Gel contains a very small amount of protein so even those who are sensitive to protein can still use it. It’s great for low porosity curls because of this.

Three of our products are protein-rich, and you can easily add these to your routine. They are the Deep Hydration Hair Mask, the Volumising Curl Mousse, and the Heat Protect Spray. These products also contain moisturising ingredients for the perfect protein/moisture combination.

Our Deep Hydration Mask contains a good amount of protein to help reduce damage in the hair. It contains hydrolysed wheat protein to strengthen and restore your curls. The mask is also full of lovely nourishing ingredients, like shea butter, coconut, argan and prickly pear oils. It contains Vitamin E as well, a wonderful tool for nourishing the scalp and protecting the hair from environmental damage.

A very popular product is our Volumising Curl Mousse. This lightweight styler goes perfectly with our other products for voluminous, long-lasting curls. It contains nourishing ingredients like Pro-Vitamin B5 and rice water, along with rice and pea protein. It’s best used alongside our Hydrating Curl Creme for moisturised curls. Why not try it with either our Enhancing Gel or Mega Hold Gel for defined curls that last? Using the mousse before the gel will result in more definition, while using it after the gel will create more volume. One of the best ways to use the mousse is to refresh your curls in between wash days. Apply to dry hair and scrunch through to easily revive your curls. You’ll wonder why you haven’t tried it before!

A new addition to our range is our fabulous Heat Protect Spray! Already a favourite among the OC team, it protects against UV rays and heat up to 200°C. Its weightless formula adds shine and bounce to curls, while also reducing frizz. We recommend applying the Heat Protect Spray before your styling products to get the most benefit from it. We’ve also been using it as a refresh spray and it’s perfect for helping revive your next day curls too! It’s one product in your curly toolkit you won’t want to be without.

Everyone’s curls are so different, and the most important thing is finding a routine that works for you. Do you struggle with your curls losing shape quickly? Then maybe it’s time to try a little protein to see if this helps. Try our Deep Hydration Hair Mask, Volumising Curl Mousse or Heat Protect Spray and see if it helps your curls become the best they can be.

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