My Curl Story - Abriana

'I love my curls because they taught me to love myself for who I was. I relied on heat so much because I did not know how to maintain my hair on my own. I would press my hair every two weeks because I thought I was "ugly" without straight hair.
After researching and learning about ways to keep my hair healthy, I never turned back. I realized how hurtful heat was to my hair and I no longer wanted to have that stigma of being "ugly" because my hair wasn't straight. Now, I plan to educate and encourage girls/guys worldwide that you can embrace your normal state of hair!'
Abrianna's first 'Naturally Me' event will be in LA 8/25/18. It's a chance to connect with other naturals, hear some fab guest speakers and be entered into some fab giveaways! It's totally free, so LA based Curlies be sure to check it out!
Check out Abriana's gorgeous curls via her instagram: @mykurlyjourney 


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