My Curl Story - Lourdes Segade

I do not know when exactly I started to love my curly hair. What I am sure of is that my curls started to be beautiful again –after a period of ugliness– when I started loving myself well and carefully changed the way I ate and the products I used for my skin and hair, when I started listening to my body, my emotions and my soul and began respecting myself as a human being and a woman. And that was about four years ago...
Above: Lourdes in Dec 2014. Photo by  ©Richard Max Tremblay 
Since then, I’ve done a lot of personal work in the field of self-awareness and spiritual transformation, and it shows in my whole body and my energy. I have light within, I shine, and so do my curls.
Above: Lourdes in Sept 2016.
I started asking myself why should I keep using products that contained ingredients I would never eat, and the answer was “for no reason”. So I stopped using them and now I use products for my skin, teeth and hair that are 100% natural or almost, with very few chemicals.
That has been my transition: from chemical products to natural ones, rather than anything else, because I never dyed my hair nor I often had it straightened. 
The result is a happy hair that shines.
Above: Lourdes in April 2018. Photos by  @aguedaq 
We adore Lourdes natural silver curls and are so grateful that she shared her story with us.  You can follow her on Instagram @lourdessegadeterapias
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