How to repair heat damaged curls...

How to repair heat damaged curls...

Unfortunately there is no turning back the clock when it comes to heat damage. Frequent use of straighteners, or blow drying at a high heat will dry out the hair and cause breakage. In time, frequent straightening will also effect your natural curl pattern.

Reversing permanent damage is not possible, so we are challenging you to start the year with a heat detox! Join us in our #NEWYEARNOHEAT challenge!

Once your hair is back in healthy shape after the detox, we know that some of you ladies will want to heat style your hair from time to time. Here's some ways you can prevent heat damage from infrequent heat styling and get your curls bouncing back into shape:


We all know that regular hair cuts promote hair growth. Trimming of those damaged ends will help your hair seal in the moisture resulting in healthier curls!


Wash your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. It's important to remove any build up from oils or sulfates so that moisture can re-enter the hair shaft.


After cleansing, your hair will be ready to absorb moisture! Apply a deep conditioning hair mask for up to one hour to restore your moisture balance.  Wrap your hair in your Only Curls Hair Towel for maximum moisture absorption!


If you're still feeling the effects of the heat damage after the above steps, try a hot oil treatment. Coconut Oil can penetrate the hair shaft and moisturises from the inside out. Check out our DIY coconut oil treatment.

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Coconut Oil DIY Hair Mask

Coconut Oil DIY Hair Mask

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